Tuf Goat – The Most Realistic Life-size Goat Tying Dummy

  • Realistic legs anatomically correct for tying
  • The only goat that's comfortable to sit on
  • Comfortable and natural flank grip
  • Stands alone on tethered rope
  • Tough, durable and long lasting
  • Life-size rubberized foam material goat
  • Portable, haul anywhere
  • No feeding or watering
  • Store inside or outside
  • Approximately 16 lbs
  • Adjust the legs bolts to accommodate your style of gathering

Practice to Win!


To top of goat's back 22" by 5.5" wide by 28" long.


Tuf Goat

Sale: $299.00 + s/h ($35)
Regular Retail: $349.00 + s/h

(Wyoming Orders; Add 5% state sale tax)

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