Tuf Kaf GTS: Ground Training System

The first anatomically correct & durable calf roping ground dummy that feels and ropes like the real thing!


22" Tall
45" Long
12.5" Nose to ground


Approx. 50 LBS

  • ORIGINAL Tuf Kaf  Flexi-Foam rubber
  • Realistic Look: anatomically correct
  • Realistic rope action
  • Durable, long lasting, & weather resistant
  • Solid roping platform: won't tip or slide when roping or pulling slack
  • Weight: approx. 50 lbs: won't blow away
  • Portable: hay rack friendly
  • Correct head angle: running calf
  • Visualize a live calf every time you rope it
  • Same realistic feel as a live roping calf

GTS is the new Elite Top of the Line calf roping ground dummy from SS Roping,llc, that replicates the actual look and feel of a live calf run. The head and neck are anatomically correct, causing you to rope exactly like you would as if roping a live calf in the arena. We made it portable with a handy handle, weather resistant, durable, and long lasting using the same exclusive Flexi-Foam rubber as the Tuf Kaf and Tuf Goat. This rubber-like material gives you that same realistic feel as you would on a live calf. Visual muscle memory is a big and vital part of your practice. You need to practice on what you are going to see and feel. GTS has the same head angle as a running calf. It not only looks like a real calf but, this will help you practice getting your tip down.

It has a solid roping platform, so it won't tip or slide when pulling your slack. Weight is approximately 47 lbs. It is portable and hayrack friendly.

SS Roping, llc takes great pride in producing elite, realistic, and durable training systems for the rodeo athlete. We won't sacrifice quality or accuracy for our customers.

Designed for: Calf Ropers, Breakaway Ropers, Rippon Ropers

You want to practice on what you will visualize on a rodeo run. It helps you to practice to throw your tip down, without dropping your elbow.

Don't settle for less, get the best! Practice to win!

GTS - Ground Training System Roping Dummy

GTS Ground Training System

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Endorsed by:
Jackie Crawford, WPRA

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