The BEST Roping Dummies on the Market!

“Speedy’s” wider width makes it more stable and almost impossible to tip. It features an optional interchangeable steer or calf head. The heels stretch for more realistic heeling action. Optional wheels can be attached to the skids for ease of motion on hard surfaces. Just give it a push and Rope it!

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Speedy Roping Dummy is the best of the ground training tools to help build and improve muscle memory. This affordable product will be a winning addition for a roper at any level.

"Speedy" is an all American-made, durable, realistic, lightweight & portable roping dummy. It is made of high quality durable Polyvinylchloride PVC and sturdy polyethylene molded plastic heads with steel rods. The head is adjustable to desired positions. Added horn wraps give you a better feel for your rope and handle.

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