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My brother and I are now 19 and 21 years old. We expanded our horizons with adding Tie-Down Roping to our rodeo careers. With that, we quickly realized that we really needed a more realistic calf roping dummy to practice year round.

That lead us to our new invention, a patented new Tie-Down Roping Training Device. We really needed a calf roping dummy to practice with in the cold winters of Wyoming. We figured if we wanted something more realistic, there were others that might need this as well.

After we designed, patented it, we found a manufacturer and began implementing our dream. Hope you enjoy the "Tuf Kaf" as much as we do.

We did it again, we invented a much needed realistic Goat Tying Dummy, "Tuf Goat". We are sure you will agree that there was a need for a comfortable and realistic goat to practice goat tying for both girls and young boys.

Remember - "PRACTICE TO WIN"

Colter & Casey

SS Roping, LLC

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